Keld Rømer Rasmussen
Assiciate Professor, Ph.D.
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Brief CV

Born 1949

Scientific degrees
MSc in Geology, Aarhus University (1975); Ph.D. Dept. of Earth Science (DES), Aarhus University (1980)

Employment history
Assistant Professor, DES (1975-77); PhD stud. DES (partly at Meteorologiska Institutionen, Uppsala, Sweden (1977-1980); Assistant Professor, DES (1980-1981);  Associate Professor, DES (1981-1988); Associate Professor, Department Geology, Arizona State University, Tempe, USA (1988-1989); Associate Professor, DES (1990-1996); Visiting Professor, Department Geology, Arizona State University, Tempe, USA (1996-1997); Associate professor, DES (1998-).

Reviewer for 20+ internat. scient. journals incl.: Aeolian Research; Arid Land Research, Boundary Layer Meteorology, EPJE, Earth Surf. Proc. Landforms; Geomorphology, JGR-Earth Surface; Journal of Atmos. Sci.; Journal of Glaciology; Journal Physics, E; Journ. Wind Engineering; Journal of Hydrology; Journal of Multiphase Flow; Journ. Statistics; Meteorologi. Zeitscrift.; Nature (Geoscience); Kuwait Scientific Journal; Nordic Hydrology; Philosof. Roy. Let.; Physics Letters, A; Sedimentary Geology; Sedimentology; (+ some Book Chapters)

Hydrology, Soil and Dynamic Geomorphology; Hydrogeology; Geomorphology and Hydrology Projects; Data analysis for Engineers; Re-education of high school teachers.

Postdocs: 1 former; PhD-stud.: 1 current + 13 graduated; MSc-stud: 2 current + 43 graduated.

Field of research
Aeolian Research: mass flow dune dynamics, boundary layer flows. Hydrology: water balance, hydrometry. Hydrogeology: Regional ground water flow, and interaction between stream flow and ground water.

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