The HOBE research center is funded by


The grant amounts to 32.8 million Danish Kroner (phase 1).
Approximately: US$ 5.7 million - EUR 4.4 million

The grant for phase 2 amounts to 32 million Danish Kroner.
Approximately: US$ 5.6 million - EUR 4.3 million

The funds will be disbursed over two 5-year periods:

Phase 1:
1. September 2007 - 31. August 2012.

Phase 2:
1. September 2012 - 31. August 2017.

The funding from THE VILLUM FOUNDATION has been an effective vehicle for attracting grants from other sources. Additional funding has primarily been obtained from the participating universities for funding or co-funding of PhD scholarships. As the bulk research of the center is carried out by PhD students and Postdocs, these co-funding commitments have made it possible to expand the research of the center.

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