Forest Site

Precipitation (in database)

  • Rimco 7499 rain gauge (placed on the top of the container in an elevation of approx. 3,4m) data resolution: 0.2mm/tip, collection area 324cm2, (automatic)

Climatic Variables (in database)

1. Solar radiation

  • NR01 – net-radiometer. Located on the mast. In- and outgoing long- and shortwave radiation at 30 m (automatic, 10 min. average)
  • NRLite net radiometer (net radiation) at 2 m (automatic, 10 min. average)

2. Windspeed

  • Gill ultrasonic anemometer at 38 m, measuring interval: 0-60 m/sec, (automatic, 10 Hz, 30 min. average)
  • Cup anemometers at 2 m, 15 m, 30 m (automatic, 10 min. average)

3. Wind direction

  • Gill ultrasonic anemometer at 38 m, measuring interval: 0-60 m/sec, (automatic, 10 Hz, 30 min. average)

4. Air temperature and humidity

  • HMP 45 C (located on the mast at 15m and 30 m) (automatic, 10 min. average)

5. Soil temperature

  • Sensors placed in the depths of 5cm, 10cm, and 20cm. (automatic, 10 min. average)

6. Soil heat flux

  • Hukseflux plates at 5 cm depth (automatic, 10 min. average)

Fluxes (not in database)

Water vapour and CO2

  • Li-Cor LI-7500 (open path) (sensor placed on the mast in an elevation of 38 m) (automatic, 10 Hz, 30 min. average)

Soil moisture (not in database)

  • TDR system

Probe 21-25 (6cm-9cm) probe length 0,5m, installed horizontally
Probe 16-20 (0m-0,2m) probe length 0,2m, installed vertically
Probe 11-15 (0m-0,5m) probe length 0,5m, installed vertically
Probe 6-10 (0m-1m) probe length 1m, installed vertically
Probe 1-5 (1m-2m) probe length 1m, installed vertically

  • 10 Decagon sensors (5TE) at 5 cm depth (logging every 30 min. connected to datalogger)
  • 2 temperature profiles in the unsaturated zone, 24 sensors. Continuous logging.

(not in database)

  • 10 Decagon tensiometers. 2 probes in each 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50 cm depth.

Decagons sensors (not in database)

  • 15 Decagon sensors (5TE) installed.
  • ? Decagon sensors (5TE).

Water table (not yet in database)

  • Two pipes established with pressure sensors.

Soil parameters (not yet in database)
Retention characteristics: 5 soil samples in each of 3 depth intervals down to 80cm. Lab analysis completed. Soil hydraulic conductivity: 5 soil columns in each of 3 depth intervals down to 80 cm. Lab analyses partly completed.

Other installations

  • Container with power and lighting
  • Lightning protection, mast has been earthed
  • Video camera (placed on mast)
  • UPS
  • Server PC
  • Hard disks (2TB in RAID5)
  • Datalogger (Campbell 3000)
  • 2 Dataloggers (Campbell 1000)
  • PFI-relay (less sensitive)
  • 3G internet connection
  • Wireless internet

Pending installations

  • Decagon automated sensors

Previous installations:

  • Net precipitation (3 tipping bucket rain gauges connected to guttering under canopy) (automatic, sensitivity 0,03mm). (Not in database)
  • Soil respiration & CO2 profile: Li-Cor LI-8100 gas analyzer + LI-8150 multiplexer (4 soil chambers placed around the mast and 4 gas inlets placed at 2m, 8m, 15m, 30m) (manual once/month, every 30 min.)
  • Tree transpiration: TDP probes (Granier type) installed at 1.5 m above ground in 12 trees (2 probes per tree), resulting in 30 min. average transpiration rates. (Measurements completed, taken down).
  • Remote Sensing sensors: Surface temperature and heat fluxes: 1 thermal sensor (Everest Enviro-Therm 4000L) observing the ground at 55 deg. off nadir.
  • Remote Sensing sensors: NDVI and forest phenology: 1 Skye SKR 1800 sensor for measuring red and near-infrared radiance of the ground, placed at 55 deg. off nadir. 1 Skye SKR 1800 sensor measuring the incoming red and near-infrared irradiance.
  • Canopy temperature profile: Infrared thermometers (in three different elevations) (IR-100).
  • Canopy wetness: Leaf wetness sensors (237-L).

Click here for maps and photos of the Forest site.

Download Google Earth Placemark.

Video pending..
Inspection before the mast was erected
June 3rd 2008

Forest Site - Gludsted Plantation
October 23rd 2008 - After the mast was erected
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